Head Shot Studio

You'll want to be a part of this popular and exclusive opportunity!  

The HeadShotLOUNGE™ is an executive photo portrait-taking experience where NAHQ Next attendees can sit for a complimentary professional headshot. The sponsor would receive recognition in the following ways

  • Logo and message posted on the website for viewing and downloading photos
  • Logo and message in the e-mail sent to attendees
  • NAHQ Next signage
  • Recognition in NAHQ Next program book, social media posts, and other NAHQ communications as the HeadShotLOUNGE sponsor

 This opportunity provides multiple delivery methods to get your name out there! 

Availability:  Two (2) days)

Fee:  $10,000 per day or $15,000 for two days (exclusive sponsorship)


 Participation Deadline: June 2018; dependent on brochure deadline

 Materials Deadline: June 2018; dependent on brochure deadline


Click here to view location in the experience hall.