Featured Opportunities

Branding: Attendee Lanyard

This highly visible opportunity is worn by all attendees throughout the entire conference with your organization’s name displayed!

The attendee lanyards are co-branded with NAHQ.  They are distributed to all attendees when they receive their badges upon checking in at registration. Fee includes lanyard, production, and shipping.


Participation Deadline: Monday, July 24, 2019

Materials Deadline: Friday, August 11, 2019



Pre-Conference Eblast to Attendees

NAHQ will send an email on your behalf to all live conference attendees prior to NAHQ Next as well as any pre-registered Virtual attendees!  You write the message and NAHQ will eblast the message to registered attendees!  This is a great opportunity to get your name in front of attendees before arriving onsite!

Specs: Provide HTML code of your preconference message and NAHQ will review and lay it out. Please also provide high resolution copies of the company logo. You will given an opportunity to preview the message before it is distributed.


Note; The message will be combined with a NAHQ message.

Limit 5 opportunities prior to conference.  First come, first serve for blast dates. 


Participation Deadline: Monday, June 3, 2019

Materials Deadline: Friday, June 21, 2019



WiFi for Conference

Provide Wi-Fi access throughout the conference for all attendees.  Your company logo will be featured on the wireless landing page. Every time attendees use Wi-Fi they'll think of you.

Supporter Fee:  $6,500

***Bonus option YOU have the option to select the password . . . . .use your company initials?? Additional fee:  $3,000.


Participation Deadline: Monday, July 23, 2019

Materials Deadline: Wednesday September 12, 2019



Because it is Phoenix, we need a Desert Oasis for NEXT!

HYDRATE-HYDRATE-HYDRATE - It's Phoenix and the crowd will be thristy.


This exciting sponsorship includes Branded Water Bottles with your logo which can be distributed from your booth.


Water station inside your booth for "fill-ups" - what a stampede you will have coming to your space!


NAHQ will supply the water bottles, one cooler, and refill water jugs - Sponsor pays for electrical.

Call for more details:

Linda Griffin

773-588-4692 or Lgriffin@nahq.org

Contact for pricing