Professional/Career Development

Professional Development Zone: Career Center

Be a part of the Career Center and co-host this space with NAHQ volunteers, increasing your exposure!

Availability:  Two (2) days)

Fee:  $5,000 per day or $7,500 for two days (exclusive sponsorship)

NAHQ will coordinate several activities in this space to assist attendees in boosting their career.   As activities are planned your company will have first right to participate.   Your company will be acknowledged in the onsite program book provided to every attendee and you will receive acknowledgment on signage in the Career Center! 


Participation Deadline: Monday, June 19, 2018

Materials Deadline: Friday, July 14, 2018




Professional Development Zone: Head Shot Studio

You'll want to be a part of this popular and exclusive opportunity!  

The HeadShotLOUNGE™ is an executive photo portrait-taking experience where NAHQ Next attendees can sit for a complimentary professional headshot. The sponsor would receive recognition in the following ways

  • NAHQ Next signage
  • Recognition in NAHQ Next program book, social media posts, and other NAHQ communications as the HeadShotLOUNGE sponsor

This opportunity provides multiple delivery methods to get your name out there! 

Availability:  Two (2) days

Fee:  $10,000 per day or $15,000 for two days (exclusive sponsorship)


 Participation Deadline: September 5, 2018





Professional Development Zone: Networking Lounge

Provide a premier space for the attendees to relax and network together! 

For $5,000 your company will receive free-standing branded structure and accompanying comfortable lounge furniture will be in this space.  This space will also be popular among attendees as it will include charging stations!  Your company will be acknowledged in the onsite program book given to every attendee and will include acknowledgment signage in the Networking Lounge!  Price includes production and specialty furniture.  Additional opportunities within this space could be available based on your budget and interest.


Participation Deadline: September 5, 2018